How much does it cost to maintain your swimming pool?

How much does it cost to maintain your swimming pool?

How much does it cost to maintain your swimming pool?

Most pool owners don't know the importance of maintaining the water balance in their pools. Maintaining the balance of a pool is an essential way to manage it. Although, it's challenging to understand due to its complexity, it's a vital step in pool maintenance.

Maintaining the water balance will help keep the pool water safe, corrosion free and comfortable. Listed below are a few reasons why you should have a balanced swimming pool:

What is the actual cost of running swimming a pool?

When measured on a daily basis, the running cost of a swimming pool is estimated to be $10 to $20. However, this amount will depend on many factors such as if the maintenance done was during the summer or winter. Usually, the cost of maintenance is more expensive during the winter. As stated earlier, the cost of running a swimming pool depends on various factors, which we have also mentioned. It is very important to ascertain the running cost of your pool so you can always plan for its maintenance in due time. This is critical if you want to maintain and ensure a health risk-free swimming for you and your family or users.

If you are running your pool throughout the year, you will need to carry out maintenance on pool facilities like heaters, chemicals, and railings. These aspects of maintenance can only be carried out by pool professionals like Pure & Simple Pool Care Services (407) 538-0284. The owner can reduce cost by carrying out other swimming pool maintenance that is not restricted to professionals.

Below is a list of swimming pool maintenance services that must be taking into consideration when calculating the yearly or monthly cost of keeping your pool in good condition.

Pool maintenance services

  1. Skimming

    One easy way you can ensure that debris doesn’t get into the filters is by skimming. Skimming refers to the use of skimmer made of a long pole with fine mesh net attached to it. It is used to remove floating debris like drowned insects and shredded leaves from trees. To ensure your pool filter doesn’t get clogged, you are advised to skim your pool’s surface at least once in every few days. Price range for skimming products can cost anywhere from $10 to $60.

  2. Cleaning filters

    One of the main factors that helps in maintain the water clarity of your pool is water filtration. When you employ professionals like Pure & Simple Pool Care to perform filtration for your pool, small articles that are capable of causing contaminations would be removed from the water. Service price can cost $200 to $300.

  3. Brushing

    The walls of your swimming pool need thorough and frequent brushing to keep them clean. You will need a brush to do this, but the kind of brush you will need will depend on the nature of your pool’s walls—that is, the material used on your swimming pool walls. It is highly recommended that you allow your pool to be brushed at least, once in a week before thinking of vacuuming. Price range is from $20 to $100.

  4. Vacuuming

    Vacuuming is another important aspect of maintaining your pool. Vacuuming can be done in two ways: manual vacuuming or automatic vacuuming. Manual vacuuming is attached to a long pole and is moved about the pole—all by you. On the other hand, the automatic vacuums are a mechanical device that runs right along the bottom of the pool, generating suction. The professionals at Pure & Simple Pool Care are advising that you should vacuum your pool once in every week. The price range of professional service is $200 to $500.

  5. Pool heaters

    Pool heaters do not require frequent servicing. Quality once can go on for years working without needing servicing. Like every other thing, there is would come a time when it would need maintenance, and when it does, you will need to call in a professional pool renovation service in Orlando like Pure & Simple Pool Care to assist you in repairs and maintenance of your pool heaters. Price range: $200-$500.

  6. pH maintenance

    It is essential to know and maintain your water pH level because it is what determines your pool’s water alkalinity and acidity. Your swimming pool water must maintain a certain level of acidity. You need to add chemicals by following instructions so your pool water can be neutralized. For more on this, you can call our professional pool cleaning service Orlando for the range of water treatment products needed.

  7. Leak detention

    Supposing you are adding water on a frequent basis, you may have a leak. To detect a leak is simple. Just get a plastic bucket and fill it—three quarters up the way. Take note of the water line on the inside and mark it. Now, set it on the steps or float it in your pool. Then mark the waterline that is on the outside of the bucket. At the expiration of two to three days, go over and compare the waterlines. If it becomes necessary, call in a [professional pool cleaning service Orlando to perform the repairs on any leak.


Whether you are in need of a new swimming pool installation, or you just need maintenance services, a pool cleaning service in Orlando is what you need. At Pure & Simple Pool Care, we offer customized pool maintenance services for your existing pool. We can offer you the best and most reliable services that come at competitive rates. Call us at (407) 538-0284.