14 Tips On How To Protect Your Swimming Pool Before & After A Hurricane

14 Tips On How To Protect Your Swimming Pool Before & After A Hurricane

14 Tips On How To Protect Your Swimming Pool Before & After A Hurricane


As much as severe weather is concerned, the State of Florida is an unfortunate tenant of Hurricanes, one of Mother Nature’s most rampaging phenomenon. For residents of the “Sunshine State,” witnessing the devastating aftermaths of Hurricane Irma that pummelled the state last year September 2017, calls for the need to protect not just yourself, but also essential structures like your swimming pool.

Since we can’t go up in arms against Mother Nature, here are some easy-to-follow tips from the best pool cleaning service in Orlando to help you prepare and protect your swimming pool, hot tub or patio areas from horrifying hurricanes. These tips from Pure and Simple Pool Care services would also keep your family and pets safe.

What to do before the storm closes in:

  1. Water loss through evaporation

    If your pool has a cover held in place by water tubes, or some other form of weight, don’t put it over the pool. Such types of covers are most likely going to be blown away into the pool or right into the yard by high winds.

  2. Make sure water drains off your pool’s deck as quickly as possible.

    Mighty hurricanes with substantial tropical storms can drop off water on your pool deck and over to your yard. Make sure water drains off your pool’s deck as quickly as possible. Text the efficacy of your deck to drain water before the storm arrives. You can do this by putting water all over the deck using a garden hose and watch how rapidly the water disappears. If you discover that water doesn’t drain quickly or at all, carry out some maintenance by cleaning the skimmers and the plastic slotted drain deck drains.

    For better quality service, call in Pure and Simple Pool Care’s seasoned professionals to handle your pool cleaning service in Orlando.

  3. Remove all obstacles.

    In the event you don’t have a deck drain, make such every other obstacle such as dirt, high grass, mulch or stones are removed to prevent blockage of the deck edge. Such obstacles can prevent water from quickly draining off the edge and into your yard.

  4. Make out time to trim trees of overhanging limbs and branches around the swimming pool or hot tub area.

    Such foliage or overhanging debris may become airborne during heavy storms and high winds, which could damage your pool structure, screen enclosure or your house.

  5. Turn off the pump and any source of power supply.

    If it's possible to remove the pump, do so and store it in a cool, dry place. You can wrap the pump’s motor if you can’t remove it. Also, cover other items like electric heaters and light transformers and electric with a waterproof plastic membrane and make sure you tie it firmly in place to prevent water and sand from entering.

  6. Avoid draining your pool!

    If your swimming pool is empty and dry during ‘angry’ hurricanes, it may result in serious damages and critical structural faults. In some extreme situations, swimming pool can even be lifted right off their foundations. You have to keep sufficient water in your pool to maintain a balance weight necessary for holding the bottom and sides securely while protecting the pool’s surface from the destructive tendency of any debris that might fall into it.

  7. Properly and securely store all pool toys, patio furniture, and decor.

    Never allow them to become ‘flying missiles’ within or around your swimming pool location. Make sure you close any patio umbrella that’s not in use to prevent the active winds from hoisting it up which could damage your pool or some other properties around.

Swimming Pool Protection Tips after the Storm

As the saying goes, after a storm comes calm. So when the hurricanes have come and gone, here are some things you can do to ease the effect.

  1. Thoroughly clean every area of the pool to remove debris

    Thoroughly clean every area of the pool to remove debris, so it doesn’t get stain permanently. Our professionals at Pure and Simple Pool Care can help you with such cleaning task in a way that would make it look as if there wasn’t any storm in the first place. Also, inspect pool pump and motor for any damage, and check out part of the electrical system. You have to be sure to prevent unforeseen incidents.

  2. If you covered your pool initially, remove the cover and change the furniture.

    No better time than after a storm for a fresh set of furniture and pool fittings.

  3. Call a professional, insured pool cleaning service in Orlando

    In case you couldn’t remove your equipment before the storm impacted and is below water during those times, call a professional, insured pool cleaning service in Orlando to inspect the pool and your pieces of equipment thoroughly. Also, allow the motor to dry for at least, 24hours before use.

  4. Thoroughly clean the filter and will enable the system to run 24 hours of the day.

    Once you are satisfied that the pool water has attained a recommendable clarity, then you’re free to reset the time clock to run on a daily circle, which is normal.

  5. Take the amount of rain or debris that has fallen, and consider balancing water pH.

    Super chlorinate the pool and run the filter until you are satisfied that the water is ultimately clear.

  6. Test the quality of the water

    After you’re through with chlorination, test the quality of the water by lowering the level of the water to the middle skimmer, then make any chemical adjustment you deem necessary.

  7. After everything, observe the performance and overall functionality of the pool’s system for at least, 4 days

    And see if everything is working normally as it were before the storm impacted.

Final thought

No doubt, your top priority is the safety of your unique family and pets. So, if after a thunderous storm you discovered that your pool had sustained some damages from the ‘angry whip’ of Mother Nature, it is always best to call in a bonded and insured swimming professional pool service to give you the best pool cleaning service in Orlando. Only a few companies stand tall in this regard, and Pure and Simple Pool Care is one such company.

Call us after the storm and let us help in bringing back the glory days of your swimming pool.