4 Reasons Why You Should Carry Out a Pool Checkup

4 Reasons Why You Should Carry Out a Pool Checkup

4 Reasons Why You Should Carry Out a Pool Checkup

Just like the human body, you eat good food on a daily basis, stick to the best hygiene, but it is recommended medically to go for a full body checkup every six months. Your doctor makes sure your health is in top shape, and there are no hidden ailments or infections lurking around somewhere in your body. To keep your pool always ready to be used all through the year, a pool checkup is highly necessary. A professional pool car company that offers pool service in Winter Park will provide you with expert pool checkup service whenever you are ready to.

Below are four important reasons why you should carry out a pool checkup from time to time.

  • 1. Your DE filter may be dirty

    The best filter to have for your pool is a DE filter. A DE filter can trap particles of the smallest size. With time, if you leave it uncleaned, there will be huge deposits of grime and gunk which cannot be removed by backwashing. You need to have an expert that specializes in pool service in Winter Park to have it cleaned for you. Cleaning your DE filter involves draining the tank and soaking the filter grids in chemical. If you leave the filter to go uncleaned for a long time, the pressure will be too much, and the filter gets damaged quickly.

  • 2. Your Salt cell may be dirty

    The electrically charged plates in the salt cell attract calcium which will case a huge buildup. This buildup can damage the plates and make the salt cell fail. A pool service in Winter Park can use muriatic acid to get rid of these mineral deposits which will, in turn, save you from spending more money on repairs. It will also keep the salt cell running efficiently for a much longer time.

  • 3. To avoid ruining your night time swim

    There will be times when all you want to do is go for a relaxing night swim, and you get to the pool, and you find out the pool light has stopped working. Such a bummer, right? Or imagine having a pool party that runs into the night and your pool lights refuse to come on. This is something a pool checkup will easily detect. An expert pool service in Winter Park will do a full inspection of your lighting and automation system.

  • 4. To keep the heat running

    You may have the lights working and still insist that you don't need a pool checkup, how about the heat? If you have a pool party on a cold night and the heat pump refuses to come on, nobody would want to stay in your pool. The essence of the pool party gets defeated, right? A pool checkup will include an inspection of your gas heater and heat pump so your pool can remain warm throughout winter.

Pure and Simple Pool Care wants to make sure you enjoy using your pool in a pure and simple way without any headaches whatsoever. To make sure your pool is in the best shape all year round, you can enjoy the best pool service Winter Park by calling 407 538 0284 to get started.