HELP! – My Swimming Pool is Losing Water

HELP! – My Swimming Pool is Losing Water

HELP! – My Swimming Pool is Losing Water

When you have a swimming pool that seems to be losing water, it can be quite frustrating as you seek to find out the reason so that you can fix it quickly. Pools are a useful resource in the house and are not wasteful. When this is the case, then something is wrong.

It is critical to keep the recommended water level in your pool at all times because a low water level can damage your pool equipment and also cost you a lot of money in utility bills from the amount of resources that you would need to constantly replenish the water being lost.

Swimming pool should not lose water but sometimes they do

A swimming pool is meant to be watertight A pool can leak from just about anywhere – either from a wall return, light hole, skimmers, evaporation, plumbing fittings or sometimes through the pool liner itself. Finding the cause of your pool leak and fixing it using a reputable pool cleaning service in Orlando is important.

Water loss through evaporation

Do you know that one of the main causes of water loss from a swimming pool is evaporation? It is actually quite common because of the temperature fluctuations that Florida experiences. Wind and air humidity levels also contribute but high temperatures have the biggest effect.

  • Exposure

    The more your pool is exposed to sunlight and wind, the more decrease in level you will notice. This loss is even more common in unscreened pools than with a screened one. Having trees, a fence or a tall structure around the pool reduces its exposure to sunlight and water loss compared to a pool that is on open land.

  • Temperature

    During the summer months, swimming pools can heat up by up to 25 degrees, causing the pool to get warm all day long. By night fall, the temperature drops considerably. This change in temperature causes a pool to lose water through evaporation all through the night daily.

How to check for the source of your pool leak

  • Evaporation – Bucket test

    There is an easy DIY method to check how much water is evaporating from your pool. All you need is a bucket, any 5-gallon bucket should do. Fill the bucket with water and place it right next to the pool so that both are under the same condition.

    Mark the water level of both the pool and bucket with something clear and leave both for about 24 hours. Switch off the recirculation pumps or any other machines that refill your pool water so that the initial amount of water before the test is kept constant. After that time, you can check and compare the amount of water that has been lost.

    If the new water level in the pool is more than that of the bucket, there is a strong chance that your pool is leaking. This means that another factor other than evaporation is making your pool lose water. You would definitely need to talk to a pool cleaning service in Orlando for them to check for you.

  • Plumbing system

    You can further narrow down the source of the leak by repeating the bucket test again but this time, you should leave the pump running to keep circulating the water. If you notice that after 24 hours, there is significant water loss even with the recirculation under pressure, then the first place to check for leaks is your pool plumbing system.

  • Pool lighting and other fixtures

    Most pool cleaning services in Orlando sometimes dye test wall fittings of a pool during cleaning and maintenance to check for leaks. This is done by using a dye test syringe to apply some colored dye close to the wall fitting area and closely monitor where the dye is exiting the pool from. The dye will leave a trail which a close eye can detect and then close out with a pool putty application or in case of vinyl pool liners, a pool patch kit.

    To check if the leak is from the light fixtures in the pool and other fittings, you can drain the pool partially below the level of the cut-outs and observe the water level for a day. If the level stabilises after a day, then your light areas may be the culprit. This can easily be corrected by removing the lamp and inspecting the light niche and where the connections are done around the light bucket.

Repair your pool leak as soon as possible

Pool leaks are notoriously hard to pinpoint and assess and so you would most likely need to find a service person carry out several checks in order to determine the cause of your pool leak. The solution can be simple enough to be fixed with about $100 to $300 and can be complicated and need the pool lining to be cut through. This type of issue can be quite pricey but will give a permanent fix. It is also an opportunity to remodel and upgrade the swimming pool while you’re at it.


Pool maintenance is very important so that your pool can last as long as possible and save you money in the long run. Hire a professional pool cleaning service in Orlando to help you keep your pool in its best condition at all times. Instead of worrying about the hassles of maintaining your pool, why not contact Pure and Simple Poolcare Service?

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