Everything You Need to Know About Pool Water Circulation

Everything You Need to Know About Pool Water Circulation

Everything You Need to Know About Pool Water Circulation

What is pool circulation?

Water in the pool has to be circulated so that it can be sterilized. Water circulation in a swimming pool can be explained as how the pool water gets around in the system. Circulation in most swimming pools take the same path typically. The heart of pool circulation is usually the pool pump.

Once water gets through the pump to the skimmer, from there it is passed unto the main drains. The function of the drains and the filter is to remove most of the rubbish and debris that are in the pool and these get caught up in the pump and skimmer basket. From the pump, water in a pool is transferred into the pool filtration system where any other foreign particles or impurities are then stopped from going back into the pool.

Why is good pool circulation necessary?

Pool circulation is extremely important and can determine how often you will be needing pool cleaning service in Orlando. A well-circulated pool will remove most bacteria and floating debris from the pool and prevent your pool filter from being clogged up. Good pool circulation overall makes it easier to carry out pool cleaning service in Orlando.

In fact, good pool circulation is the reason why some pools stay crystal clear while others look like swamp water and ridiculously difficult to clean. Pool circulation plays a key role in ensuring that your filtration system is powered up. Pool chemicals are also distributed evenly in the pool through the circulation system. It also transfers heat into the water. The health of a pool is also maintained by water circulation. For example, most swimming pools that have excellent circulation systems require less professional pool cleaning service in Orlando and thus save the pool owner money.

Ways to Improve the Circulation of Pool water

One of the most important components of water circulation is the filtration pump which forms the central unit of the pool circulation system. If you want your pool to get fully circulated, you should run your pump for a minimum of 8 hours every day. This helps to properly disperse chemicals, remove debris and impurities and any other thing that can clog up the system. Some people may run theirs all day to ensure that the pool is never stagnant at any point which helps with aeration, clarity and cleanliness.

Here are some ways that you can make sure that your pool water circulation is improved without spending a fortune:

  • Ensure that pool skimmers and drains pull water into the pool filtration system. You can verify that the skimming baskets are working properly by putting your hand close to the suction area just beneath the baskets to feel the direction of the water flow.

  • Shift the angle of the return jets of the swimming pool to 7 o’clock or 4’o clock position to ensure that all are facing the same direction. This lets pool water to flow away from the skimmers. If the jets are close to your pool steps, direct them at an angle close to the uppermost step so that it can prevent dirt from accumulating on the lower steps and reduce slipperiness. This angle will have the same effect as a whirlpool and improve water circulation.

  • Always check the pressure of the return jets to be sure that they are working properly at high pressure. This is to make sure that water circulation is happening at optimal pressure at all times. If you notice that the water pressure from the return jets is weak or below optimal level, you may need to call in professional pool cleaning service in Orlando to have someone check what the problem is.

  • Always ensure that the pool pump is working at optimal efficiency. Simply put, no pump, no pool water circulation. Once your pool pump is no longer working properly, you will begin to notice that circulation of your pool water will reduce. The overall cleanliness and clarity will also be affected and algae and other organism will begin to grow in the water. Pay attention during pool operation for any strange sounds or a decrease in water flow pressure as this may be a sign that the water pump needs to be cleaned. If you are unable to do a great job of cleaning the pool, you can call a pool cleaning service in Orlando.

  • The water pump isn’t always the reason why your swimming pool may have bad circulation of water. Sometimes it could be a clogged-up filter that is responsible for the build-up of foreign materials at the pool. There are any types of swimming pool filters and no matter which one you are using, you must be able to clean it and change it whenever it is required. Ensure that you use the recommended filter for your swimming pool, and that you also replace them whenever they are clogged up.

  • Watch out for dead areas in the swimming pool which can be quite difficult to clean during normal pool cleaning services in Orlando. Pool circulation is hardly perfect and even after making sure that the return jets are placed at the right angle, you should also pay attention to some areas which are easily missed and hence called “dead areas”. These include the following:

    • The area behind the ladder
    • The steps of the pool. Take care to ensure that the steps are kept clean
    • The wall close to the skimming system and jets
    • Beneath the skimmer door
  • Clean the pool regularly. No matter how expensive your pool is, you must always ensure that it is properly cleaned and an effective pool cleaning schedule that will help maintain the pool’s cleanliness. You can do it yourself but you should have a pool cleaning service in Orlando clean your pool regularly to keep it in the best possible shape.